ZOMER 2022  van 7 mei tot 3 sept . 
Groepstentoonstelling “ Melancholie is a moral duty “ Domein Adornes Brugge (BE) curator Joannes Késenne 

ZOMER 2022 
Groepstentoonstelling Galerie S&H De Buck
Zuidstationstraat 25
9000 Gent (B)
Tel.: 032/09/225 10 81

WINTER 2023  februari 
Groepstentoonstelling “Art-Bélgica” – Sala de Exposiciones la tercia I del Marques de los Velez Museum, Antonio M.Campoy, Cuevas del Almanzora, Almeria, (ES)

27 SEPTEMBER  until   23 NOVEMBER  2019 
De tentoonstelling is door onvoorziene omstandigheden uitgesteld naar een latere datum !  Info volgt . 
SOLO “ Across the Borders “ Envoy Enterprises @ Empirical Nonsens Space 
Rivington Street 87, 10002 NEW YORK 
highlighted in the annual LES ART WEEK  from 16 throught 20 october 2019
Excerpt catalogue: “In the spirit of discussion and exchange, Across the Borders forsters a dialogue between two cities, two galleries and eight artists…
Across the Borders displays a small but representative  sample of diversity of formal and conceptual approaches in contemporary art. The intricate and inspiring works in the exhibition also offer another way of thinking about the major questions in today’s world. The American installment of the exhibition – at Empirical Nonsense, New York- features the work of 4 artists: Johan Clarysse, Christina Mignolet, Sven Verhaeghe (Belgium) and Robine Clignett (Netherlands).”
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